The Elegant Collection is the operating arm of a small collection of properties situated in Namibia. The business was created by a handful of Namibian entrepreneurs who wanted to combine their passion for travel and tourism with simple yet elegant properties that could be enjoyed by visitors to this awesome country we love.

Our mantra is simple, yet profound. Creating extraordinary experiences for ordinary people. We focus on being relevant in the key tourism highlight areas, whilst always providing the best value for money for our guests. Our focus is on experiences and ensuring that we provide excellent service and genuine hospitality that makes staying with us part of the memory of your travels in Namibia.


To provide excellent service, genuine hospitality and unique experiences creating lifetime memories.



To be relevant: to have a presence in key tourism areas and make a difference to our community wherever we operate.

To be unique: to provide experiences to our guests that are both unique and memorable.

To be an employer of choice: to look after our people, to empower them to grow and fulfil their full potential, ensuring we provide excellent service and genuine hospitality.

To be sustainable: to ensure we practice conservation and look after our environment for the long term benefit of our business and our stakeholders in the area.

To practice integrity: to ensure that we are trusted by our partners, our stakeholders and our guests, ensuring our own growth and prosperity.

To be Elegant: to provide unique, accommodation establishments that fit into their environment, with a focus on elegance, comfort and style and ensure our guests will have a story to tell.

Ondjamba Hills

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The Elegant Guest House

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The Elegant Desert Lodge

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The Elegant Desert Camp

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